We are extremely fortunate to have 3,100 miles of trail systems throughout the State of Michigan. With this it is very important that, as responsible Snowmobile and ORV users, we ensure proper trail system use.

The Snowmobile & Off Road Vehicle Association of Alger County is dedicated to working closely with Local, State and Federal Organizations. Together we are able to successfully maintain and expand the extensive trail system we have in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.


OHV's on the Hiawatha National Forest OHV Rules and Reglations

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Michigan's State Forest Land has approximately 2,300 miles of trail systems for everyone to enjoy. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has a very informative web site with information on State Snowmobile and ORV Laws, Safety Guidelines and Courses along with detailed Trail Maps throughout the state. Just about any question you have on Snowmobile and ORV Riding in Michigan can be answered here:

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ORV/ATV's in Michigan


State Forest Trail Map Web Page

ORV/ATV Trail Maps


An important role SORVA plays in the preservation of Snowmobile and ORV use is trail maintenance. Work is done by dedicated enthusiasts on a voluntary basis with operating expenses subsidized by State and Federal Governments, as well as our many sponsors.

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Whether you want to volunteer in the clean-up programs or report issues you find in your travels, you too can play an important part in maintaining the trails. Send us an email with any questions you may have or reports on trail damage. To improve the use of trail systems, your comments and suggestions are always welcome.
send an email to: chur1171@charter.net

Again we must stress the importance of proper trail system use.

As responsible ORV users we must avoid areas where irresponsible riders have left the trail systems. This improper use is one of the most detrimental issues we face with maintaining and trying to expand our extensive trail systems.

As responsible Snowmobile users, please give the groomer operators some assistance. Always be on alert for a groomer around a corner. If a groomer is seen coming please pull off the trail so the groomer can safely pass without stopping. Having to stop a groomer really ads to the time needed to maintatin the trails and decreases the quality of the trail in that location.

While using the trail systems throughout the year, SORVA members make note of damaged areas and work with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and National Forest Service to address the issues. This proactive role greatly assists us in obtaining designated Snowmobile and ORV funds for the maintenance, restoration and expansion or our trail systems.

Below are current projects and their status:







Coalwood Grade Damage (Trail 8)



Nov. 2007



State ORV Trail Designation



April 2008



Coalwood (Marquette - Manistique) Trail: