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The Snowmobile & ORV Association of Alger County maintains a goal of keeping the central U.P. trail systems as premier locations for Snowmobile and ORV use.

  Located in the Munising, MI area, we work to combine Snowmobile and ORV resources to get the most out of maintaining the trails for year-round enjoyment.


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The Snowmobile & Off Road Vehicle Association of Alger County is dedicated to preserving Snowmobile and ORV Recreation and the responsible use of our Public Lands. We proudly play a pro-active role in preserving the unlimited outdoor enjoyment of Snowmobile and ORV Recreation we have throughout the State of Michigan. We do this through the providing of educational programs, trail mapping assistance, voluntary trail maintenance and community involvement. S.O.R.V.A. of Alger County is committed to promoting the awareness of influence we have, as responsible Snowmobile and ORV operators and the future of Snowmobile and ORV Recreation.

S.O.R.V.A. of Alger County holds regularly scheduled meetings on the last Tuesday of the month. Locations to be announced.Everyone is welcome so please come in and be a part of our Snowmobile and ORV Adventures.


Our Primary Goals:

  1. Promote Snowmobile and ORV Recreation as a responsible, family orientated activity with the encouragement of responsible riding habits.

  2. Work closely with neighboring Snowmobile and ORV chapters, local, state and federal organizations, law enforcement and businesses to maintain a strong network of communication regarding responsible ORV Recreation.

  3. Share useful information to Promote positive Snowmobile and ORV Recreation and ensure users are respectful of the environment, other trail system users, safety standards, public and private lands, parks and trails systems along with the environment .

  4. Through educational programs and materials, provide awareness of the important impact we have as Snowmobile and ORV users and the future use of of these recreational vehicles.

  5. Organize fun, Snowmobile and ORV Events and Rides throught the year.

A video showing why we do what we do with trail management, ENJOY!